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Multiculturalism is good

By Irene de Pablo

This letter is in response to Mark Wolfe's comments.

First, it is not a question of who is hosting each show or program that ICRT has, but rather the quality of the shows they are doing.

Though personality and the expertise of the host/DJ counts first and foremost, it is only fair to say that the DJ is there because he or she is fit to handle the job well. Listeners tune in not just for the music, but to catch first-hand relevant information that is sound and beneficial to their daily lives, routines or businesses.

However, I agree with his questioning the representation of the first letter of ICRT: International. Leaving aside the other issues, music-wise this is not the case. Many will simply raise their eyebrows and may say that "it has been English-language music since it started" (and now includes Mandarin), so what's the fuss? Every nationality that comprises the international community in Taiwan should be fairly represented if we truly mean to have a better ICRT. For example, Southeast Asian music and culture is aired every Sunday on Asianation, which is great.

On the issue of ICRT's management and programming, my question is, is it not possible to come up with special music programs on the weekends (maybe even just twice a month) to cater to different groups of foreign residents here? Sure, they are already ICRT listeners and patrons, and they will feel some sense of belonging, of gladness, if they will have a piece of their own musical culture played on air.

Irene de Pablo


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