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Disgusting treatment

I am a foreigner who has lived in Taiwan for three years. I am absolutely sickened by the case of the four-year-old girl, "little sister" Chiu, who was beaten by her father to teach her a lesson in good behavior.

Children learn by example and from those around them. Hitting a child is unacceptable at any time. Where do parents get the idea that beating their children will "teach" them anything? The father deserves the same treatment. I wish him every bit of pain and abuse that he inflicted on his daughter.

I am disgusted by many hospitals in Taiwan. I live in Hsinchu and have been refused to be registered by the Mackay Hospital triage and the emergency-room doctors on two occasions. It is supposed to be a great hospital, new and modern and the best in Hsinchu. They are not, and I will tell anyone who will listen.

Healthcare professionals take an oath to treat patients. Everyone is a patient. If someone goes to the emergency room, he or she is there for a reason, and should never be refused or turned away. People in Taiwan have health insurance. I also have healthcare but I was still turned away twice.

I suggest that the hospital systems take a serious look at how they treat people who walk through their doors. We rely on them for their care and service.

My heart goes out to the Chiu family. God bless her and her family. Her father will hopefully rot in jail for his actions.

Katrina Huddlestan


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