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Who's burning bridges?

Arrogant. Patronizing. Deeply disturbing. Absolutely stomach-churning. These are the only words that I, an Australian national proudly integrated in Taiwanese society, can find to describe the letter by Zhu Zhiqun (Letters, Dec. 2, page 8).

His letter is an unforgivable insult to all peace-loving Taiwanese, and betrays a racist sense of superiority towards Taiwan that is deeply ingrained in the psyche of the average Chinese chauvinist. Mind you, in the bygone days of the British Empire, the British colonialists shamelessly displayed exactly the same haughty attitude towards Ireland, the US, Australia and all the other British colonies.

First of all, if Zhu does not live, work and pay taxes in Taiwan, then it is not his place to comment on how the Taiwanese government should spend its taxpayers' money.

Second, the Taiwanese economy is in much better shape than the Chinese economy -- at least the Taiwanese government does not cook the books and does not doctor official statistics in order to produce fictitious figures of "stunning" economic growth.

Third, Taiwan is already

an independent nation,

simply with the wrong name,

flag, national anthem and


On this issue Zhu is

accidentally right that the Taiwanese don't need to build a new nation.

Fourth, Taiwan has every right to acquire the best possible weapons to defend itself from the Chinese imperialists and colonialists, whether Zhu and his fellow Chinese imperialists and colonialists like it or not.

Fifth, he states that "China will do anything to prevent the birth of a new Taiwanese nation." So what? For his information, the Taiwanese harbor no more desire to meet Chinese aggression without a fight than the Irish, who hardly could forget centuries of heroic struggle against their former colonial masters.

Make no mistake, I and many of my fellow Taiwanese have vowed that in case of Chinese attack we will not leave Taiwan, and if at that time we are overseas, we will return to Taiwan to fight.

Got the message, Zhu?

Sixth, he suggests that building bridges with China is the only way for Taiwan to defend itself. Has he already forgotten that it is China that has decided to burn these bridges and unilaterally cease all forms of cross-strait


Seventh, if Zhu is so concerned about cross-strait peace, why doesn't he protest against China's increasingly belligerent and hegemonistic behavior?

Sorry, Zhiqun, but your letter sounds like mafia-style blackmail that no self-respecting Taiwanese can stomach.

Brian Vranjac


Zhu Zhiqun's comments must be taken with a grain of salt, given their source. Zhu, an Asian relations "pundit" originally from Shanghai, has offered Beijing-oriented observations before in his various

articles and commentaries. I read the Dec. 2 comments, and knew at once these were the offerings of a Beijing apologist (as were the comments Zhu offered in a letter dated Oct. 18, which accused Taiwan of inflexibility on cross-strait


It takes political gymnastics to come up with the concept that China is not the enemy of Taiwan.

Zhu has criticized John Tkacik's call for a stronger defense for Taiwan as "ill-advised, if not totally


I submit that offering such advice as "China is not the enemy" is probably a lot more "ill-advised," and is definitely "totally irresponsible." In fact, the advice strikes me as similar to a fox asking the chickens to gather in the henhouse for a group hug.

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