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Lien educated in vain

By Charles Hong

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Lien Chan (連戰) was well educated in Taiwan and the US. However, he does not behave or talk like a well-educated person. It's hard to believe that Lien would say something like "I will appeal again to invalidate the presidential election," "President Chen Shui-bian is nothing" and "Everyone can kill President Chen."

Lien graduated from National Taiwan University, the school that has the motto "Improve your character, study with diligence, love your country, and love the people." Lien has failed in three out of the four items in this motto.

His protests for the past seven months degrade his character and do not care about the people in Taiwan. If the president is nothing, why is Lien so eager to become one? Lien should love, not kill, the president elected by the people. Lien apparently does not love Taiwan either, because he is strongly against the purchase of new weapons to protect the country.

Although Lien holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Chicago, he needs to take a refresher course in Democracy 101. As a matter of personal courtesy and national unity, Lien should have conceded his loss and congratulated Chen for his success in getting re-elected. Two bullets cannot decide the outcome of a presidential election; only voters can. It is a bad example for Lien to keep on fighting after being defeated.

Lien should be aware of the fact that the US presidential election is generally accompanied by federal, state and local issues for voters to decide. Why was Lien opposed to the two referendum issues in the last presidential election? These two issues were defeated anyway. If they were passed, they would be good for the security of Taiwan.

It is perfectly acceptable to activate the national security mechanism when both the president and the vice-president are in danger of being assassinated. I think this mechanism should have been activated again when Lien, as a chairman of a major opposition party, encouraged everyone to "kill President Chen."

Charles Hong

Columbus, Ohio

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