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An open letter to Singapore

This letter is to protest your Taiwan-bashing comments at the UN. There is no reason to say, as your foreign minister did, that an independence platform escalates the tension between Taiwan and China. You even criticize former president Lee Teng-hui's (李登輝) efforts to solve Taiwan's problems.

I doubt that any reputable nation would have blamed former US president John Kennedy for "escalating tension between Russia and the US" during the Cuban missile crisis.

China has prevented Taiwan from having normal diplomatic relations with other nations or having a say in the community of nations, including access to the World Health Organization and the International Red Cross -- although such access would have been especially useful during the 921Earthquake and last year's SARS outbreak.

I do not understand how you in Singapore can forget your own struggle to break away from Malaysia. Taiwan has shown its tolerance and restraint in the face of the mischief that China has dished out. Since the Republic of China (ROC) fled to Taiwan, the Taiwanese people accepted the new immigrants and most Chinese have accepted Taiwan as well, although indigenous languages and identity were suppressed. Human rights for all did not exist. President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁), Vice President Annette Lu (陳水扁) and others were jailed for taking part in rallies against the ROC regime which Lien Chan (連戰) and James Soong (宋楚瑜) are still a part of.

Nevertheless, the Taiwanese people threw off the shackles of the old totalitarian regime to create a democracy. Taiwan has more to contribute to the world in this regard. Indeed, Taiwan even assists in your nation's military training.

With friends like you, Singapore, it must be hard for Chen -- and the Taiwanese people -- to tell friend from foe.

Rao Kok-sia


Mark Chen has got a pair

Foreign Affairs Minister Mark Chen (陳唐山) knew what he was talking about when he said Singapore is "holding China's lam pa" -- a Taiwanese expression for currying favor with someone. In politics, it is common practice to say something true and then turn around and apologize. The apology meant nothing. The main thing is that Chen got his message across to the public and the public received it. Chen said what he wanted the public to know. He did it precisely and beautifully and in a Taiwanese way.

Chen minister is the most courageous foreign minister since the one who presided over the ROC's dismissal from the UN in 1971.

Ken Huang

Memphis, Tennessee

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