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Let remote voices be heard

By Ingvar Floysvik

I would like to comment on

the Liberty Times editorial ("Reform fixed, and created, flaws," Aug. 29, page 8). I have no opinion on the correct representation for Kinmen and Lienchiang counties, nor on how many Aboriginal seats there should be in the Legislative Yuan. I do, however, want to comment on the writer's statement that "the same value for every vote" and proportional representation are at the core of any functional democracy.

In most countries, major moneymakers and head offices for large companies are found in populous areas -- especially in or near the capital. The same goes for media and organized interest groups. Personnel higher up in the government comes from or moves to these areas.

In other words, it is from these centers that the administration receives the most influence. It is also the issues relevant to populous areas that will be highlighted by the media.

It is therefore neither undemocratic nor unfair for less populous areas to enjoy a degree of overrepresentation in the legislature. That would help these areas to get their voice heard.

Ingvar Floysvik

Bryne, Norway

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