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God versus Michael Moore

By Joel Linton

As an American, I want to comment on the film all the pundits are talking about, not Spiderman 2, but Fahrenheit 9/11.

Though many people in Europe and elsewhere with strong anti-American sentiments have toasted Michael Moore for his documentary, many Americans do not respect him. He is a socialist, and an extreme leftist, and much in his documentary was fabricated. One should not put lies in documentaries, but that is what he has done. Because of all the controversy, a lot of people have gone to see his film, but that does not mean they will vote against US President George W. Bush in November.

Truth is more important than supporting one's cause. And only a cause that can be supported by truth is worth fighting for. Such is the cause of Taiwan's independence.

But many people, especially those with leftist agendas (and nations like China) think truth does not matter as long as their cause is supported. They are wrong, and in the end their own lies will destroy them.

Propaganda can blind men's eyes for a while, but God does not let it continue indefinitely.

The truth will come out. The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) had to face this reality, and so will extreme leftists like Michael Moore, and social manipulators and propagandists in other fields, such as public education.

They may have their way with people for a while, but in the end, they should embrace truth, because all their lies will not last.

That is the way of the world, because it is God's world, and in Him there is no lie.

Joel Linton


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