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Imperiled by imperialisms

By Chen Ming-chung

"One China" in its present form and throughout history uses brutal force to assume and maintain a monopoly of power, to annex territories domestic and beyond -- this is nothing less than "one imperial China."

Taiwan is not a colony of the US [Letters, May 17, page 8]. For the US and UN to support "one imperial China" is a disgrace, and a travesty of their founding principles, not to mention impractical and dangerous.

People and organizations the world look up to are the leaders of democracy, peace and humanity. When it comes to Taiwan, where are these global powers leading the world to?

Have the five permanent UN Security Council states been given the right to carve up the world and stake their claims on smaller nations to become subservient colonies as they see fit?

Is imperial China really what you want to support? Or are you just like an ostrich, burying your head in the sand and refusing to be confronted by reality?

Taiwanese conscience and identity did not suddenly found itself sixteen years ago. It has always been there since Taiwan was known to the civilized world as Formosa centuries ago. It was suppressed for decades, if not centuries, by brutal regimes foreign to the inhabitants.

Taiwanese just spoke out the first chance they had 16 years ago, and the Taiwanese conscience has been growing stronger ever since.

Taiwan has also never been as strong as it is today. With 23 million inhabitants, its population ranks ahead of three-quarters of UN member states. Its economy ranks 17th in the world, and its high-tech resources rank near the top of the world's nations.

Left all alone to fight the Goliath of the Chinese empire, you can be assured of great human tragedy, and not just for Taiwan. Are the US, the UN and the world listening? Do you refuse even to see the potential? Or must you wait for disaster to strike?

Recognize what Taiwan is -- a sovereign nation -- and what Taiwanese deserve like any other world citizens: self-determination. And call Imperial China off its belligerence. And save your own soul!

Chen Ming-chung


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