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Keep on moving

By Yang Ji-charng

While there are many overt and covert suggestions about what President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) should and will say in his May 20 inauguration speech, the truth is that no one knows.

Needless to say, as the re-elected president of Taiwan, he should keep the interests of Taiwan first in his mind when he is preparing this important speech.

Obviously, topping the list of Taiwan's interests are its sovereignty, security, prosperity and democracy. And China, with its nationalistic call to annex Taiwan, is a threat to all these interests.

Chen's conciliatory tone in the last four years proved to be only futile when it came to the diehard Beijing leadership.

Therefore, Chen should refrain from reiterating the futile and humiliating "five noes" policy again. Instead he should call for the respect of democracy. And no one should put a straightjacket on Taiwan or stop its practice of democracy.

Taiwan's democracy is a dagger threatening the heart of Chinese communist rule. And it is a recipe to win American hearts and support.

In the aftermath of the March 20 election, Taiwanese people have shown their wisdom and maturity to protect and nuture their democracy. No countries or individuals should continue to ignore the choices and conciousness of these people.

The times have changed. Taiwan has made its choice and moved foward. Will others do the same?

Yang Ji-charng


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