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Shooting was clearly a hoax

The assassination attempt is filled with inconsistencies and flaws if one looks at it step by step. The claim is that Chen, while standing in a moving jeep rallying a crowd, was shot in the stomach by a bullet through the front windshield. The same bullet then struck Lu, who was standing to the right of Chen [from the perspective of cameras in front of the jeep], on the knee.

Let's break this chain of actions down by following the movement of the bullet: A bullet shot from the attacker's rifle broke through the front windshield of the jeep and hit Chen's stomach. The same bullet then made a right turn, cut across Chen's stomach and hit Lu on her right knee. Unless this bullet is remote controlled, I do not see how any bullet can make turns at will.

Several inconsistencies are also revealed through the surveillance camera in the hospital that Chen and Lu were rushed to. First, Chen and Lu were seen walking into the hospital minutes after being shot. The key word here is walking. If I had just been shot in the stomach or in the knee, I would at least be slightly crouched and limping. But no, the camera reveals they were both walking normally.

Second, if my country's president and vice president had just been shot in an assassination attempt, they would be rolled into the hospital on a stretcher or in a wheelchair or at least on [crutches]. But no, they walked in normally like all the other people around them.

That same night, after winning the election, they both appeared on TV cheering, clapping, raising their arms high in victory gestures, walking about rallying the crowd and giving bows to their supporters.

Let's use our common sense here. This chain of events all happened within one day. If any one of us had just been shot in our stomach or knee that afternoon, we would not have the capability to perform the above physical movements.

Yes, Chen and Lu have won the election, but the Taiwanese people have lost. They have voted for a man that has and will continue to use their naivete and trust for his own agenda. The independence that Chen promised them will never come to pass.

Deborah Liu


Stop the conspiracy drivel

The controversy over [the March 19 shooting of President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) and Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮)] is both depressing and bemusing. It's depressing because it seems fueled by an almost "ethnic" distrust between the pan-blue and pan-green camps. It's bemusing because the "conspiracy theory" behind it is so ridiculously implausible.

Consider the problem of how to "stage" an assassination attempt.

A few minutes of thought is enough to reveal a dozen ways to do it more convincingly than what actually happened. The most obvious flaw is Chen's wound. It strains credulity that anyone trying to fake a wound would make a 15cm gash instead of a 9mm hole.

For that matter, why bother injuring yourself? If you want to fake a shooting, just wait until after the parade and put a couple of bullet holes in the jeep (put them in the inside panels, out of view from the cameras). Then the next day you can "discover" the bullet holes and notify the press.

[On the evening of March 20], after the elections, I sat with friends discussing these events, and between us, we worked out an explanation for the shooting which satisfied the known facts.

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