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Attempts to foment civil unrest will not succeed

By Chiu Kuo-chen 邱國禎

After the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and People First Party repeatedly claimed that an inappropriate voting process might cause a riot, the Central Election Commission decided to adjust the March 20 voting process. The commission adopted this measure to help the presidential election go smoothly. But the pan-blue camp was as pleased with itself as if it had just won a battle. Its political tactics, which damaged democracy, were deplorable.

I questioned the blue-camp's ill-intended words and deeds last year. Unexpectedly, those people still stubbornly made the "riot" claims at the last moment before the election. Not only have they caused social unease, but they have also caused irreparable harm to themselves.

Neither the future of Taiwan nor that of society is their concern. So those people have recklessly damaged both. In the past, those of the old power structure and the remnants of the Chiang dynasty were the dictators' followers. Later, during former president Lee Teng-hui's (李登輝) 12-year presidency, Lee strongly promoted these people in order to give them a chance to reform themselves. But they only put on masks for a while, waiting for an opportunity to subvert things, believing that they would no longer be associated with "black gold," and could become democratic activists after losing power.

They have ignored the relatively mature political thinking of the Taiwanese people through the nation's two direct presidential elections, and the forming national awareness in society.

Due to the pan-blue camp's ignorant and arrogant attitude, a lot of voters have walked away from the alliance. The pan-blue camp believes that it will win the election as Lien and Soong's supporters combine, so they never seriously think about any policies for the good of the country and its people, and can only follow the direction of the rival camp.

They have disappointed many middle-class voters.

Since they always exchanged votes for resources in the past, voters in remote areas have awakened and will not be fooled, having lost their resources.

As for moderate voters who are crucial to this election, they have all been scared away by the blue camp's riot claim.

The riot claim displays a clear signal and suggests a hypothesis. The signal is that the blue camp is not confident in itself and its momentum is about to collapse. The hypothesis is that if the pan-blue camp is hopeless about winning the election, it may become reckless in its desperation and create an uproar so as to take over a government in chaos.

Or at least, if a post-election riot occurs, it can claim that the election results are invalid.

The signal is extremely obvious; the hypothesis is worrisome.

Some of these people [besieged the presidential residence] after the 2000 presidential election. Considerable numbers of Chinese forces have hidden in Taiwan and this "fifth column" would definitely be launched in certain circumstances. China would not need to fire ballistic missiles at all and the US would hardly be able to get involved. Thus, if Taiwan were unable to promptly stop all this by itself, President Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) government will be in imminent danger.

Nevertheless, these people's evil tricks will never work. Since middle-of-the-road voters have "middle-class vested interests," their interests will be threatened if a riot occurs. To protect their own interests, they will lean toward the power that maintains stability. They will drastically broaden the gap between the two camps, so that they will have no excuse for a riot.

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