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Get out and vote DPP

The presidential elections this year will be a turning point in Taiwan's growth as a democracy.

I believe President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) has done an excellent job in his four years in what can only be called a burgeoning democracy. The growing pains for Taiwan in those four years have been hard, to say the least.

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) criticizes Chen for being ineffective, while it's the KMT that is blocking all the reform and legislation that Chen and his administration would like to have enacted.

Its unfortunate the KMT can't understand the reality that after 50 years of having power, it can no longer control everything that happens in the nation.

If the people of Taiwan believe they are independent of China, then you have no choice but to vote for the DPP. The DPP is the clear choice for Taiwan.

If the people believe Taiwan to be an inseparable part of China, then vote for the KMT and get on track for unification under China's policy of "one country, two systems." And be prepared for China's version of "one China."

I personally believe that if the KMT is elected there will be irreversible effects on Taiwan's people and her democracy. I say to the people of Taiwan: "Get out and vote -- you will make a difference."

Just one man's opinion.

Michael Rhodes

San Marino, California

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