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Forget ideology; KMT is pure greed

By Lee Min-yung 李敏勇

The Chinese Nationalist Party's (KMT) vicious usurpation of national assets has long since been exposed in a book titled Party-State Capitalism (黨國資本主義), published by the Taipei Society (澄社). And ever since the KMT lost power as a result of the growth of Taiwan's democracy, the party has talked the talk but not walked the walk regarding the return of its inappropriately obtained assets.

As the presidential election draws near, calls for the Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) government to try to recover these assets can be heard once again. But the occupier/robber has not yet changed its essential nature, and continues to argue irrationally.

The "KMT phenomenon" after World War II included not only usurpation and theft but also attempts at cultural hegemony and an even more outrageous autocratic rule. Politics was simply a means for the party; economic interests were the ultimate goal.

Perhaps we can compare the country to a company listed on a stock market -- or a cooperative (合作社), to be more precise -- because major shareholders in a company are more powerful than minor ones, while members of a cooperative enjoy equal rights. The KMT is the shareholder or cooperative member that controlled the country in the past. It robbed the country during its long rule.

This phenomenon can also be seen in many listed companies or cooperatives in Taiwan. Some shareholders or cooperative members who hold management power have learned many vicious tricks from the KMT's rule. Their methods of usurpation and robbery are basically the same.

Some of these usurpers and robbers even cause their companies or cooperatives to collapse intentionally because they can make a profit when the company fails.

Minor shareholders or cooperative members are often the victims in such cases. Unfortunately, the people in charge under the KMT government were unable to protect the rights and interests of the weak, who could do nothing but complain about their hardship and suffering.

Doesn't such an economic phenomenon often occur in Taiwanese society?

The people are often victims of national conditions in Taiwan.

The KMT lost power in 2000, but it has shouted a slogan -- "a second power transition" -- to help it come back to power. Some elements in society intend to give the KMT a second chance. But some of them are involved in an "accomplice structure" or a "booty-sharing system."

And some of them can best be described by the Chinese saying, "One never gives up until reaching the Yellow River (不到黃河心不死)," which means that a person never gives up until all hope is gone.

The KMT has a strong political ideology, but what it really wants is to usurp and rob, and that desire is strictly economic.

Perhaps the party should be called the KMT Holding Corporation (國民黨控股公司). Its ideology is merely a cover for its usurpation and robbery.

Lee Ming-yung is a poet.


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