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KMT: Clean up your act

For over 50 years of one-party autocratic rule in Taiwan, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) has accumulated an enormous amount of assets with its major portion being attained through two common practices.

These practices are illegal acquisition of either public or private properties and abusive access to the nation's treasury coffers.

After the long period of being the supreme untouchable ruling power in Taiwan, it has never dawned on the KMT that one day it would have to face the nation fair and square to admit its wrongdoings in the past and return the stolen properties to their rightful owners.

As the cliche goes, what goes around, comes around. Now is the time for the KMT to right its wrongs by taking the initiative to turn over any ill-gotten assets to the people of Taiwan.

So far, instead of showing sincerity in reforming the party and doing what's right by relinquishing all the questionable properties, the KMT simply sits there and cries, behaving just like a spoiled brat.

When will the KMT wise up and quit the charade?

The KMT must face reality and abandon the self-defeating mindset that it should always rule because it ruled before.

The point I'm making to the KMT is this: clean up your act.

Ching H. Li


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