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Pro-China forces show dictatorial instincts

Southern Taiwan Society

The founding aims of the Southern Taiwan Society are threefold.

One, to protect Taiwanese values and dignity, and to concentrate the rising power of the people in southern Taiwan.

Two, to formulate educational, cultural and environmental policies focusing on Taiwan.

Three, to initiate a movement to reform Taiwanese society by stimulating joint public efforts.

The producers of Special Reports (非常報導) say they are worried over the collusion between Taiwan's unificationist politicians and media and the trouble they are creating. That is why they produced the Special Reports series. We believe their motives coincide with the aims of the Southern Taiwan Society.

Based on these aims and the protection of freedom of expression, we have helped promote this film. We have distributed about 7,000 copies, but due to being understaffed, we have had to end our promotional efforts.

We wish to state that we had nothing to do with the production of these 7,000 disks. We merely support the film based on our aim of protecting the people's freedom of expression.

Taiwan's democracy and freedom are the precious results of many individuals' decades-long sacrifices and struggle. They are the accomplishments of the Taiwanese people, although China-friendly politicians now spread lies and create social disturbances in the name of free speech. China-friendly media have also turned into a source of social disorder. This free speech chaos has existed for the past three years. Had we been in dictatorial China, these media would have been closed down.

Regrettably, People First Party (PFP) Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜) and PFP Legislator Chiu Yi (邱毅) obviously do not understand the true meaning and value of free speech. Even worse, they have joined the China-friendly media in slandering the Southern Taiwan Society, the Democratic Progressive Party and the Taiwanese Media Revolution Workshop, the producers of the Special Reports.

During the latest round of mayoral elections, the United Daily News flew the banner of press freedom in an editorial entitled "Does the investigation stop at Frank Hsieh's doorstep?" And when the offices of the China Times Express were searched by Taipei prosecutors three years ago, China Times also praised press freedom, while Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) commented on the prosecutors' search by saying "How can this be? This is really surprising .... Not that a newspaper's offices cannot be searched, but it must not be done without due consideration. They must first have concrete evidence, because this is really serious business that may have serious consequences."

It is a pity that when the common man is practicing his right to freedom of expression, he is slandered and called a muckraker or a degenerate. The media chaos repeatedly highlights the need to improve the nation's media.

That is why we solemnly call on Soong to shed the dictatorial mind-set from his time as director of the Government Information Office and governor of Taiwan Province. The China-friendly media should also abandon the mind-set that makes them despise and uglify Taiwan, while Ma should practice what he preaches and uphold the right to free speech instead of persecuting those practicing that right, as was done during the White Terror era.

We restate our absolute support for Special Reports. We will not retreat before China-friendly individuals resorting to White Terror tactics in the name of democracy.

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