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A toothless sycophant

The recent track record of the UN has demonstrated its impotence. It has failed and will continue to fail to act when necessary and to protect when there is a moral imperative.

Its latest utter failure is the "voice vote" of the General Committee of the General Assembly not to add an item called "Question of the representation of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the United Nations" to the General Assembly agenda, thus once again ignoring the plight of 23 million people.

If the organization purportedly dedicated to preserve peace and freedom throughout the world cannot move past the ideologically malignant blackmail of China, how can it ever be expected to fulfill its role as a body for world leadership?

Simply put, it cannot. It is nothing more than a debating society, and a politically manipulated one at that, as, for instance, in the case of Taiwan, where the debate will not even be on the agenda for the 11th year in a row. The UN has become a toothless sycophant at best, instead of using what should be its considerable weight to further human rights, world peace and security.

Some criticize Taiwan for looking to the US as its ally and protector. In the wake of the second Persian Gulf war, some governments criticize what they see as a tendency for the US to supersede what it considers the dysfunctional UN.

China bristles at the notion of the US taking part in defending Taiwan. But all who know the impotence of the UN agree that were Taiwan to rely on the "good offices" of the UN, Taiwan would be China's next semi-autonomous region within weeks (in fact, China's invasion would likely never make it to the agenda).

All that stands between Taiwan and China's heavy heel is China's healthy fear of the US. China has no fear of the UN nor does it have reason to be afraid. It has managed to manipulate that body for at least three decades. Nor does it fear European nations or the EU, for it has bought them with the lure of markets and money.

Taiwan is a bit larger than Belgium, has a population of more than 23 million people and has one of the world's largest economies. It is also a democratic nation with an elected government and lives under the constant threat of invasion from the world's largest dictatorship.

If the UN, the world organization dedicated to and charged with protecting world peace cannot even talk about Taiwan, much less recognize and protect its existence, who will then? The answer is obvious. And Beijing knows that this is the one truth it cannot manipulate like the salivating genuflections it buys worldwide every day, even with its carefully orchestrated dog-on-a leash trick with North Korea. Sorry, we've seen the trick before. Not impressed. Next.

Lee Long-hwa


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