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KMT betraying Taiwan

Taiwan has been betrayed again. The defection of a high-ranking officer from the National Security Bureau to China sums up the mentality of KMT's colonial rule of Taiwan.

To maintain its grip on power, the KMT tightly controlled all aspects of the economy, politics, culture, society and governmental institutions in Taiwan. The KMT nationalists created an "independent Taiwan;" however, they hated "Taiwan independence."

Now, after the peaceful transfer of power to the native party of Taiwan, poisonous hatred has turned those ultranationalists against Taiwan. Many retired generals and officers have gone back to serve the dictatorship in China. Joining them are the media and capitalist opportunists.

The nationalists were the first to tell Taiwanese to fight for freedom against communist China. Ironically, now they are the first to promote "the inevitable unification" with China and surrender Taiwan's sovereignty.

The betrayers and opportunists survive. But will Taiwan?

Yang Ji-charng

Columbus, Ohio

Respect majority's rights

I agree wholeheartedly with Chen Wen-Yen's article (Will Taiwan be derailed by China investment?, Mar. 21, page 8).

By catering to the opinion and interests of the elite, and ignoring those of the general public, the DPP government risks treating the Taiwanese public as pawns, just as its predecessor, the KMT, did.

The number of entrepreneurs rushing to China is still small. And I suspect many, if not most, of them are pro-unificationists. While minority interests should be respected, they should definitely not be prioritized.

Democracy demands that public policy honor the interests of the majority. In business, the interests of laborers, stockholders, the consuming public and, in many cases, taxpayers should come first.

The pan-blue camp has one bullet to shoot A-Bian with: the economy. A-bian should not risk detonating the atom bomb of Taiwan's security, future and credibility just to dodge this one bullet.

Chen Ming-Chung


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