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Taiwan lacks a strong leader

Brilliantly said! ("Taiwan in quagmire," Dec. 30, 2000) On the other hand, what about proposing constructive directions to follow? The legacy of the KMT has been a huge cancer that infects all levels of society. Taiwan is not exactly an unselfish society. "Face" is far more important than actual accomplishment. When in doubt, the people run to America rather than stand and fight for Taiwanese ideals. Are there any Taiwanese ideals?

Sadly, it is apparent that Chen lacks leadership abilities. He is better at opposing rather than creating a sense of direction for the country. His speeches are (sadly) uninspired, even boring, to listen to. He doesn't get it. Vice President Lu cannot seem to get over her past anger and create hope. She only knows how to lash out.

The KMT just wants its power and money back. Of course, a real leader may emerge from all of this. Who knows? Chen could have won the day had he only declared independence from China, instead of acting like a provincial magistrate in China's huge bureaucracy. Chen really blew it! Very sad. Very sad.

Taiwan needs a leader who can get the will of the people behind him or her. Chen has no clue how to do this and even seems unwilling to try. He just gives speeches.

Robin Rose


Politics obstructing progress

Being a faithful reader of your newspaper, I have been struck by the pessimism that has permeated Taiwan during the past two months.

Any objective observer from Europe or the US will tell you that Taiwan has a lot going for it, and that the Taiwanese people can be proud of themselves. But some elements in Taiwan's politics that were defeated in last March's elections are doing everything in their power to obstruct any progress being made during a DPP administration. This is self-defeating, as they will find out in the next legislative elections.

There is also a pervasive tendency in the news media and among opposition politicians to play up the "crisis" and the "quagmire." Without a doubt, if enough people keep talking like this, they will talk themselves into a crisis. I would hope that -- on the contrary -- there are still people in Taiwan who are confident that after our long road to democracy we are now ready to join the international community as a full and equal member.

Mei-chin Chen

Editor, Taiwan Communique

Washington DC

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