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Union has benefits The repetition of the phrase "one China" tends to drain it of meaning, but the basic desire behind it is the same as that espoused by the North in the American Civil War. "The Union!" was the grim toast of the winning side in that fratricidal conflict, and who can deny that they were right and that strength has come to the US from the unity they fought for. When we look at Taiwan's history -- of colonization by the Japanese and then the tragic period under the evil KMT -- it's impossible not to sympathize. Sympathy having been expressed, however, it's impossible to deny the logic of China's case. Taiwanese independence would be secession with all its evils. Taiwan's past century has been evil enough already. The Union! Norman Richard Bassett Media fans flames Stories appearing in international media during the election (notably CNN, CNBC, UPI and Reuters), made a tense situation worse by misrepresenting facts regarding Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) and the DPP's China stance. The often-repeated "pro-independence Chen" or "pro-independence party candidate Chen" is a misnomer. The DPP's official statements, easily found at their Web site -- http:www.dpp. -- clearly states that DPP leaders have long reiterated that they would not provoke China by declaring independence. It is simply not true that this policy change was made during the last days of campaigning, as I recently read in several stories in the international press. There was already enough fear-mongering from the KMT's spin doctors, enough table-pounding by Zhu Rongji (朱鎔基) screaming bloody war and enough panic stock selling by Taiwan's retail investors. We need a press to report the facts, not to incite confusion. Garry Glowa Canada

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