Four firms to invest more than NT$6.4bn in Taiwan

By Natasha Li  /  Staff reporter

Fri, Jun 14, 2019 - Page 12

The Ministry of Economic Affairs yesterday said that it has approved four more companies’ applications to join a three-year government program providing firms with assistance in the areas of taxation, financing, land, utilities and labor to encourage them to relocate back to Taiwan.

The four companies would invest more than NT$6.4 billion (US$203.1 million), creating an estimated 1,114 jobs, the ministry said.

Cheng Day Machinery Works Co (誠岱機械), a leading manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment, has decided to cancel its production expansion plans in China due to rising US tariffs on Chinese goods, the ministry said.

The company plans to invest NT$520 million to build two plants and smart production lines in Taichung’s Dajia District (大甲), which would create an estimated 49 jobs, it said.

An unnamed electronic components manufacturer is following one of its major clients back to Taiwan and plans to spend NT$3 billion upgrading its existing plant in the Southern Taiwan Science Park (南部科學園區), the ministry said.

The company aims to add seven copper clad laminate production lines and recruit up to 227 professionals, it said.

Another electronics firm, which the ministry also declined to identify, plans to expand production of its network communications products by building a new plant in the Hsinchu Science Park (新竹科學園區).

The company would set up advanced production lines and purchase automated equipment, the ministry said.

A battery-related manufacturer plans to set up operational headquarters in Taiwan and move some of its production lines home, the ministry said.

The company plans to spend more than NT$600 million to build a new plant in Tainan, which is expected to provide about 200 jobs, the ministry said.

The investment would support the development of Taiwan’s green industry as countries around the world look for alternative energy sources, it said.

Since the beginning of this year, 73 companies received approval to bring back more than NT$375 billion in combined investments, creating more than 34,100 jobs, the ministry said.