Basic tablet models king: Gartner

Staff writer, with CNA

Mon, Sep 23, 2013 - Page 14

Basic models will account for almost 47 percent of new tablet computer shipments worldwide by the end of this year, US-based technology consultancy firm Gartner Inc said.

When tablets were first launched, consumers tended to make decisions based on brand reputation, but now prefer not to take risks and tend to look for value or the least expensive product, Gartner said in a recent note.

“They tend not to need as many features as early adopters, and they will often settle for a simplified version of a new product, as long as it has enough features for their needs and quality isn’t compromised,” Gartner said.

The proportion of consumers choosing basic tablets over premium tablets will grow, Gartner principal research analyst Meike Escherich said.

As tablet purchases in mature markets increased by 76 percent last year and their rapid adoption by consumers shows no sign of abating, tablet vendors can no longer focus exclusively on early adopters, she added.

“Late first-time buyers of media tablets have different expectations and buying criteria from early adopters,” Escherich said, adding that tablet vendors should find new marketing approaches.

From the very beginning of the product design and development process, they must review their portfolios to ensure that they have products that are also capable of attracting people who buy tablets at a later stage, Escherich said.