Manufacturing is nation’s deadliest occupation: CLA

Staff writer, with CNA

Sat, Sep 14, 2013 - Page 14

Manufacturing has earned the grim distinction of being the nation’s deadliest occupation, with the highest number of deaths from an excessive workload since 2010, according to statistics released by the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) yesterday.

A total of 111 people in Taiwan died from overwork between 2010 and June 30 this year, the council’s data citing death benefits paid out over that period showed.

Security guards made up five of the 13 deaths recorded in the first half of this year, which the council attributed to long working hours and frequent overnight shifts that leave workers particularly prone to fatigue, as well as diseases of the blood, brain and heart.


Overall, manufacturing remained the most dangerous career over the two-and-a-half-year period, statistically speaking. It accounted for 33 deaths from overwork (29 percent of the total).

The transportation and storage industries were next with 20 deaths (17 percent). There were 18 deaths (16 percent) in service industries, including the security sector, 12 deaths (11 percent) in the wholesale and retail sector, while the construction industry witnessed 11 deaths (10 percent).

The council called on employers to follow the regulations governing working hours, overtime and breaks, or face the consequences.

The law stipulates that any business discovered violating the regulations on working hours would be subject to a fine of between NT$20,000 and NT$300,000.