The nation’s first cloud platform for e-books launched

Staff Writer, with CNA

Fri, Sep 30, 2011 - Page 11

Taiwan’s first Internet platform for book lovers, the 1000ebooks Web site, was launched by the Taiwan Digital Publishing Forum (台灣數位出版聯盟) yesterday.

The cloud platform enables access to new literary collections, allowing people to read wherever they go, share comments, interpretations and discussions through social Web sites, and edit typos of the books online, Taiwan Digital Publishing Forum chairman Ho Fei-peng (何飛鵬) said.

This design is a major breakthrough for readers, injecting new life into classical literature and offering new methods of learning, Vice President Vincent Siew (蕭萬長) said while attending the Web site’s inauguration at the National Central Library.

The new cloud platform would allow Taiwan to enrich its e-book content and help build the digital book industry, Siew said.

The cloud platform for literary works also provides Taiwan with the opportunity to develop its culture and soft-power in both global and Chinese-speaking communities, Siew added.

The project had to select 1,000 books and obtain permission for copyrighted material, Siew said.

Books from 1840 to 1990 were selected by experts, netizens and a panel of nine judges.

Many out-of-print books can be accessed by 21st-century readers through the online platform, such as Zhang Zhidong’s (張之洞) Exhortation to Study, Siew said.

Zhang, a politician in the late Qing Dynasty, published the book in 1898, and his ideas of “Chinese learning for fundamental principles and Western learning for practical application” influenced many at the time.