US extends punishment against N. Korean firm


Sun, Jul 27, 2003 - Page 11

The US has extended sanctions on a North Korean company accused of selling Scud missiles to Yemen, the US Department of State said on Friday.

Because North Korea does not have a market economy, the same sanctions apply to the North Korean government but they will have no effect because the US does not trade in military equipment with North Korea.

The company, Changgwang Sinyong Corporation, will not be able to buy from the US any munitions, win contracts with the US government or export to the US.

Identical existing sanctions against the company, imposed for exports to Iran, would have run out in June 2006.

A Spanish warship intercepted the last shipment of Scuds bound for Yemen last year, but the US decided to let the vessel continue on its way because the trade does not violate any international law.

The spokesman said the US did not impose sanctions on Yemen because of good relations with the country.