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INTERVIEW: iMatchBox aims to improve online dating experience

iMatchBox, an online social networking Web site offering users a platform to look for soul mates, has attracted more than 40,000 members in less than one year since its establishment. Company co-founder Sam Lin, the 32-year-old second son of Quanta Computer Inc chairman Barry Lam, shared the company's development plan during an interview with 'Taipei Times' staff reporter Helen Ku yesterday on the sidelines of the firm's first appearance in front of media.

TT: What made you leave your father’s company and start your own business?

Lin: I left Quanta [Computer Inc, 廣達] after having a discussion over dinner with my then-coworkers at Citigroup, [who became co-founder of iMatchBox.]

At that time, we saw that the online social networking industry was still in its developing stage and Internet users were horrified by the number of Internet fraud and crime cases.

Having lived overseas for more than 10 years, my friends and I believed there was room for the new industry to grow in Taiwan, so we quit our jobs and began new careers.

From another point of view, given that I am not a tech degree graduate, I don’t think I’m competent to manage my father’s company or inherit it. We talked about this several times, but I just want to run my own business.

TT: How are you planning to change Taiwanese Internet users’ sentiment toward the Internet with your Web site? What makes you think it is important or worth a try?

Lin: Nearly everything can be carried out with an app now. The Internet is a new market and it is booming. We saw huge probability on the Web, and that’s why we decided to enter that market.

Because people feel unsafe when using the Internet, we forecast that there would be lots of interest and growth potential for iMatchBox to reap profits and fix the image of online dating.

TT: Did you see your father’s success as an advantage of your business or a hindrance?

Lin: There are advantages as well as disadvantages.

My father’s image in the market and in society helped me get a “free entry ticket” into the market and gave me many opportunities to meet with big shots in the market.

My connection to my father helps my business, though I tried not to rely on him.

However, several times, some clients have cast doubts on my abilities to expand my business and did not trust the feasibility of my business plans, which really hurt me and my company’s founders.

However, we will try our best to prove our ability.

TT: Any expectations for yourself in the new year?

Lin: When I started my business last year, I was too busy to pay much attention to my ex-girlfriend. This year, I would like to be 100 percent devoted to my business. After the company has gone on the track, I would like to pursue for a relationship, though it is not the most urgent task for now.

If I can use my own happiness to exchange for more happiness for others, isn’t that pretty worthy?

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