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Lenovo to launch giant PC


Dismayed that family members are spread out over the house, each with a separate PC or tablet?

Lenovo has something it believes will get them back together: a PC the size of a coffee table that works like a gigantic tablet and lets four people use it at once.


Lenovo Group Ltd (聯想), one of the world’s largest PC makers, is calling the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC the first “interpersonal computer” — as opposed to a “personal computer.”

At first glance, it looks like a regular all-in-one machine in the vein of the iMac: It is a 27-inch screen with the innards of a Windows 8 computer built into it, and it can stand up on a table.

You can pick it up off the table, unhook the power cord and lay it flat for games of Monopoly.

It is big enough to fit four people around it, and the screen can respond to 10 fingers touching it at the same time.

As a tablet, it is a monstrosity. The screen is the size of eight iPads stitched together, and it weighs 6.8kg. It is almost as homebound as a flat-panel TV.

The Table PC will include plastic “strikers” for air hockey, and joysticks that attach to the screen with suction cups for other games, including multiplayer shooter Raiding Company.

In a demonstration at the International Consumer Electronics Show on Sunday, photographs and videos could be rotated with fingers.

Spreading five fingers at once on the screen cleared the screen, while squeezing them together brought the photos and videos back.

Lenovo said the Table PC will go on sale this summer starting at US$1,699.


Microsoft Corp pioneered the idea of a table PC with the Surface, a PC with a 30-inch touch-sensitive screen released in 2008. It was designed for store displays and other commercial applications.

The concept is now called PixelSense, as Microsoft started using the “Surface” name for an unrelated tablet computer last year.

More recently, Sony Corp released the Tap 20, an all-in-one PC that can also be laid flat. It is smaller than the Lenovo model, at 20 inches diagonally, and does not have as much table-oriented software as the Table PC.

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