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Pakistanis caught in middle as gas price row festers

By Guillaume Lavallee  /  AFP, RAWALPINDI, Pakistan

Anger at the CNG strike is not confined to vehicle owners. Public transport passengers too have complained that drivers of taxis, buses and rickshaws have taken advantage of the crisis to hike up fares.

The CNG station owners were to hold further talks with OGRA last week after rejecting an offer to hike prices by 10 rupees per kilo.

Another hearing before the Supreme Court is also scheduled for Wednesday.

Earlier this year, the government banned people from converting their vehicles to run on CNG and halted the sale of new CNG-powered cars. Now the anger of many motorists is reserved for the politicians.

“We spent money converting our cars to run on CNG, but now they tell us there’s no more CNG. We’ve wasted our money,” Qadri said.

Mohammed Yousuf, a 60-year-old father of four, told reporters the crisis had led to a nightmare day when he was forced to leave his family by the side of the road for hours after he ran out of fuel.

“The authorities must decide: Either they convert all the cars back to run on petrol or give us CNG,” he said.

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