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INTERVIEW: Double-digit market share in ARM’s reach: executive

Ian Drew, senior vice president of ARM Holdings PLC’s marketing and business development division, yesterday spoke with ‘Taipei Times’ staff reporter Lisa Wang on the sidelines of the British IP developer’s annual technology symposium about the company’s latest business and technology developments. The company designs chips used in Apple Inc’s iPhones and iPads, and Google’s Nexus tablet

We are working with a lot of tablet companies.

TT: In this morning’s keynote speech, you mentioned new developments in smart lighting, smart meters and automotive chips. Which of these new developments will grow fastest? And you said those new platforms could help conserve energy by between 20 percent to 30 percent.

Drew: Lighting will develop fastest. We already have a trial running in the UK. Think along the lines of intelligent lamp posts. All lamps will be connected to a center hub.

We are working with local governments and local companies [on this project.]

So far, the trial is going well. [However,] we just sell the IP to chip companies, we are not going to buy lighting companies.

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