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Taiwan targeted in dumping probes


WTO members have initiated a total of 167 anti-dumping investigations and applied 103 final measures targeting Taiwan over the last 11 years, according to tallies released on Monday by the global organization.

However, Taiwan only initiated nine anti-dumping inquiries against other member nations and applied two final measures during the period from Jan. 1, 1995, to June 30 this year, the tallies show.

A semi-annual report for the first half of this year indicates that China remains the most frequent subject of anti-dumping investigations, accounting for 32 of the 87 initiations during the period.

This compares with 23 out of 105 during the same period last year.

Taiwan and the US rank second, with six new investigations each targeting their exports.

Investigations -- often accompanied by talks between the two countries involved -- do not always lead to final measures.

But when they do, the measures normally come in the form of additional duties, which push up the price of the goods affected.

The duties are designed to reduce the potential of dumped imported goods to undermine the position of domestic producers of similar items.

Chinese goods accounted for 15 of the 71 such measures -- which under WTO rules must be reported to the trade body -- imposed during the first half of the year. China also applied 15 measures against imports from other countries during the same period.

Far behind were goods from India and South Korea, with six measures each.

Exports from Taiwan experienced three anti-dumping inquiries in the first half of the year, compared with eight for the whole of last year.

A total of 87 anti-dumping investigations were launched by 20 WTO members in the first half of the year, down significantly from 105 during the same period last year, while the number of final measures increased from 55 last year to 71 this year.

The WTO tallies show that China had undergone a total of 500 anti-dumping investigations from January 1995 to June this year, followed by South Korea with 223, the US with 169 and Taiwan with 167.

A total of 353 anti-dumping measures were applied on exports from China, followed by 132 on South Korean exports and 103 on Taiwanese exports.

Meanwhile, India is the most frequent user of the anti-dumping measures, having initiated a total of 448 investigations and applied 323 measures over the last 11 years.

Of the 167 investigation targeting Taiwan, 35 were launched by India and 18 by the EU, the tallies show.

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