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An Introduction to the Taipei Times

Bringing Taiwan to the World and the World to Taiwan.
  1. Concept

    The Taipei Times launched on June 15, 1999, with the mission of presenting a voice long absent in the Taiwanese media: an English-language journal of record for national and international readers, presented from a Taiwanese perspective.

    Over the years, the Taipei Times has worked hard to meet this goal and share with its readers an enthusiasm for this nation’s people and their significant achievements in politics, business, sports, the arts and sciences, recreation and everyday life.

    Part of the Liberty Times group, the Taipei Times strongly supports the protection of Taiwan’s democracy in an increasingly complex and unpredictable region. Nevertheless, the Taipei Times endeavors to cover events as they unfold with balance and a critical eye. It also holds government and legislative players to account, regardless of affiliation, for their contributions to the nation. In addition, the Taipei Times draws from a variety of news agencies and outlets to provide comprehensive coverage of international news.

    Under the motto “Bringing Taiwan to the world and the world to Taiwan,” the Taipei Times strives to present an objective, Taiwan-oriented newspaper devoted to providing accurate and timely information to readers both in Taiwan and abroad.

    The Taipei Times aims to enhance the nation’s profile among international readers; we print penetrating reports on local breaking news, politics, society, business and culture, as well as incisive, insightful analysis of the political scene.

    Over more than a decade of uninterrupted daily publication, amid threats of war and while devastating typhoons raged, the Taipei Times has grown to become one of the most authoritative and trusted voices among English media in Asia.

  2. Format

    The Taipei Times is a daily English-language newspaper with 20 pages. It showcases three main sections of local and international news, features and sports.

    The first section features front page news; Taiwan news; Asia news; world news; local and world business news; and opinion pages.

    The second section is home to Bilingual Times and Features, which includes in-depth coverage, interviews and analysis of the issues and people that shape Taiwan and the world today. Our reporters bring readers the inside scoop on the arts, dining, entertainment and travel in Taiwan, as well as reviews of the latest books, films, technology and music.

    The third section brings together a spectrum of sports news from around the world, as well as coverage of sporting events nationwide.

    In short, the Taipei Times informs readers about local and international news and provides reference materials for English learning.

    To produce an international-standard daily English-language newspaper that emphasizes professional and non-partisan reporting, the Taipei Times has assembled more than 50 of the finest editors, reporters and production people from Taiwan as well as more than eight English-speaking countries.

    In addition, our recently enhanced Web site (www.taipeitimes.com) is freely available to readers worldwide.

  3. Awards

    The Taipei Times has been the proud recipient of Society for News Design awards seven years in a row.

    Since receiving the society’s World’s Best-Designed Newspaper award in 2000, we have garnished another 10 Awards of Excellence from the society.

    We have also won awards from the New York Times and Canada's National Post, not only demonstrating the high standard of the Taipei Times' reporting, editing and design, but also showing that its professional design standards enable it to compete with the best English-language newspapers around the world.

  4. Sales Outlets
    1. Distribution network: Available in convenience stores, airports and hotels, and on international flights.
    2. Subscription: Our subscribers include individuals, diplomats, multinational firms, national representative offices, government departments, expats, high-tech companies and embassies.
  5. Web presence

    We have the largest circulation of Taiwan’s three English-language newspapers, and supplement this with a Web site — www.taipeitimes.com — that provides daily updates. The site offers a free archive that is of considerable value to those interested in Taiwanese affairs.

    The Web site records about 200,000 hits a day, which adds up to 6 million readers a month.

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